2 Ways to Freshen Freezers and Coolers

As we march into spring, your vital appliances like freezers and coolers could benefit from some freshening up and maintenance services.

The commercial refrigeration experts at United Refrigeration, Heating and Air are detailing two of the simplest ways to freshen freezers, coolers, and other systems at your North Central Florida businesses.

  • In-House Cleanings and Refrigeration System Sanitizing

In-house cleanings and sanitizing schedules are essential for businesses with refrigeration systems. In addition to ensuring health and safety of food and beverages, the process of interior and exterior cleanings will help boost system efficiency.

As always, United’s technicians are on-call to complete inspections and perform maintenance; however, there are several things your in-house team can and should be doing. This includes adjusting temperatures, cycling foods, cleaning, and freshening systems.

For interior cleanings, wipe any bins and shelves with soapy water or scrub areas with the appropriate sanitizing solutions as necessary. Be sure to throw away any expired items or products with mold in your freezers and coolers to avoid health hazards.

After a thorough cleaning, a fresh box of baking soda inside the system could help absorb odors for freshness. As for the exterior, be sure vacuum and remove any dust or debris in areas around your freezers, coolers, refrigerators, deli cases, and other systems.

  • Professional Care for Commercial Freezers and Coolers

Another way to freshen those freezers and coolers is to schedule an appointment for professional care, cleaning, and maintenance. While United’s professionals are busy optimizing your refrigeration systems, your in-house team could stay focused on serving your customers.

Whether you run a restaurant, a bar, a kitchen facility, or a store supplying food and beverages – it simply makes sense to schedule professional services provided by United’s refrigeration experts and technicians.

United’s techs will clean, assess operations, diagnose issues, make repairs, and provide preventative maintenance to help you avoid breakdowns. Trust our professionals to fix gaskets, check refrigerant levels, clear drain lines, and clean vital parts like fans and coils to ensure a fresh start for spring.

United Refrigeration, Heating and Air’s team has kept commercial refrigeration systems running efficiently for over 30 years. Call 352-629-1187 to set your next appointment for cleanings, system maintenance, new installations, or emergency repair services.

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