HVAC Installation and Smart AC Setup

Trustworthy, Top-of-the-Line AC Installations for Central Florida Homes

At United, we take the responsibility of providing quality AC equipment and installation very seriously. We only provide top manufacturers in the game, such as American Standard and Goodman, as we make homes more comfortable throughout North Central Florida, Ocala, Gainesville, and The Villages.

We’ve proudly partnered with Ruud, one of the industry’s leading innovators of residential and commercial air conditioning and heating. Ruud sets the standard of reliability to meet or exceed the high expectations for performance and durability of today’s homeowners. Ruud’s reputation for durability and reliability is supported by their strong warranties.

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New and Retrofitted Air Conditioning Systems

Lower your power bill or upgrade your new house with a powerful, modern AC system.

Whatever your home needs, we can provide a solution: by retrofitting your HVAC equipment, upgrading your existing equipment, or installing an entirely new air conditioner.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Did someone say “smart home”? Control your home’s temperature to a T with Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats. You can tweak your AC or furnace without getting up to fiddle with the wall unit.

Smart thermostats make it much easier to automate your cool/heat seating and find your “Goldilocks” temperature. Plus, they just might help you knock down that power bill a bit.

Surge Protection

Overloaded circuits could damage your AC unit and other high-powered equipment. To keep everything running smoothly when hurricane season strikes, you need surge protection. United’s HVAC techs take a proactive approach and will happily install industrial-grade surge protectors for your system.

Why Choose United?

No matter what type of AC equipment you need to be installed, you can rely on United’s vast expertise for your home’s critical systems. We’re here to help keep your home both safe and comfortable with a detail-oriented, customizable HVAC installation.

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