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Affordable and Reliable Ice Machine Repair for Central Florida

Customers expect ice that is safe and tastes good, and they expect even more of it in the summertime. In Florida, that’s basically most of the year.

Keep your icemaker, ice cream machine, and other critical equipment in tip-top shape with United! Our reliable ice machine repair for commercial properties will help you freeze out the competition.

We service ice machines for businesses throughout Central Florida, including Gainesville, Ocala, The Villages, Lady Lake, and other cities in Sumter, Alachua, Lake, and Marion Counties.

You can choose from several preventative maintenance options to keep your machine running optimally. When you need ice machine servicing, call Unite

Why Your Ice Machines Need Extra TLC

A lack of ice means no frosty desserts, chilled beverages, or frozen ingredients. That’s usually bad news for your restaurant or hospitality business.

If you don’t regularly clean your business’s icemaker or slush machine, you can expect longer harvest times and reduced capacity. That means you might not be able to keep up with the seasonal demand — and let’s face it, in Florida, demand for chilled products is pretty high year-round.

Lower ice production or inefficient cooling aren’t the only problems that can emerge.

Here’s what else can happen if you neglect your ice machine’s cleaning schedule:

A “scale” of calcium, magnesium, or other minerals that can change the taste of the water — not in a good way

Buildup that damages your machine by adhering to evaporator plates, leading to expensive repairs as well as costly equipment downtime.

Slime or mold that creates an unsanitary environment, violating health codes and putting customers’ health at risk

How Often Should Ice Machines Be Cleaned?

You should consult your machine’s manual for a specific timeline for cleaning, but most ice machines should be cleaned at least twice per year.

In any case, taking a proactive approach is ideal. You know how equipment always tends to go down when you need it most? That’s because hardworking appliances are vulnerable to failure. 

So before it comes time for heavy demand, invest in your ice cream or slush machine’s regular maintenance. This can help reduce downtime when you’re counting on your equipment to run your business.

Which Ice Maker and Slush Machine Parts Should You Replace Regularly?

Replacing parts is crucial to preventive maintenance that can help improve your machine’s performance. This can help extend the life cycle of your kitchen equipment and prevent sudden breakdowns or expensive repairs. 

For ice machines, most manufacturers recommend replacing the filter at least every six months. This ensures that your ice cream or slush machine can work efficiently — and that your ice takes nice and fresh!

Keep extra filters on-site to make your maintenance routine quicker and easier. Then, call in the professionals United to check the water lines and core components and water lines. When an ice machine stops working, a clogged filter or line is often the culprit. 

Here’s a quick list of ice machine parts that you may need to replace frequently:

  • Casters
  • Water hoses
  • Sump pump
  • Evaporator
  • Water distributor parts
  • Reservoir
  • Ice machine cleaning kits
  • Ice scoops
  • Water filters

Why Choose United?

We are proud to be the recommended service and warranty contractor for most major commercial ice cream and slush machines, including Scotsman, Manitowoc, and Hoshizaki.

Reach out to us for reliable, expert ice-machine servicing for your Central Florida business. We’ll have you back up and running cold ASAP!

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