Ice Machines

We our proud to be the recommended service and warranty contractor for most major brands of commercial ice machines including, Scotsman, Manitowoc and Hoshizaki. We service ice machines throughout Central Florida including Ocala, The Villages, Lady Lake, Sumter and Marion Counties. We offer several preventative maintenance options to keep your machine producing at its best levels. Customers expect ice that is safe and tastes good, and in the summertime, they expect a lot of it. In Florida, that’s most of the year.

If you don’t regularly clean your ice machines, you can expect longer harvest times and reduced capacity, which means you might not be able to keep up with the seasonal demand. In addition to diminished ice production, a number of problems can result from neglecting your ice machine’s cleaning schedule.

  • Scale or calcium and magnesium buildup can change the taste of the water.
  • Buildup can damage your machine by adhering to the surface of the evaporator plates.
  • Damage can lead to expensive repairs as well as costly equipment downtime.
  • Slime or mold can develop, creating an unsanitary environment, violating health codes and putting customers’ health at risk.

You can consult your machine’s manual for a specific timeline for cleaning, but most ice machines should be cleaned at least twice per year. Taking a proactive approach to cleaning machines likely to be in great demand can help reduce downtime when you need the equipment most.

Replacing parts is another key practice of preventive maintenance that can help improve the performance and extend the life cycle of your kitchen equipment. For ice machines, most manufacturers recommend replacing the filter at least every six months. As such, keeping extra filters on site is a smart way to make your maintenance routine quicker and easier. Ice scoops are another part you might want to keep on hand, since they are frequently lost or stolen.

Listed below are ice machine parts that you may need to replace frequently:

  • Casters
  • Water hoses
  • Sump pump
  • Evaporator
  • Water distributor parts
  • Reservoir
  • Ice machine cleaning kits
  • Ice scoops
  • Water filters