3 Actions to Avoid Costly Refrigeration Repairs

All Florida businesses want to avoid refrigeration repairs, but many are not focused on prevention. In fact, most people do not think about a major breakdown until it happens.

At United, our certified repair technicians are recognizing World Refrigeration Day (June 26) by helping businesses across North Central Florida prevent problems before they occur. Taking specific actions will protect the value and condition of your commercial refrigeration systems.

Keeping Commercial Refrigerators Up and Running

Honestly, most of us could not imagine life without refrigeration technologies. Commercial refrigerators, freezers, coolers, and ice machines are critical components of modern-day society. Millions of workers in the refrigeration sector build, install, maintain, and provide quick refrigeration repairs to keep refrigerators and freezers working around the world.

Each day, United Refrigeration, Heating and Air sends out certified repair technicians to help our valued customers. Our experts often offer these suggestions for businesses wanting to avoid costly repairs and major breakdowns:

  • First, schedule preventative maintenance services. One call to United can start the preventative maintenance process to help businesses avoid refrigeration repairs. In addition to cleanings and inspections, our maintenance experts offer solutions for total system protection. Having an established working relationship with United will help ensure you address issues and fix minor glitches before a system breakdown occurs.
  • Second, keep a watchful eye on system operations. Small issues in temperature control could destroy your inventory, while leaking parts could destroy your entire systems. Be sure you and your staff are familiarized with the correct functionality and general appearance of proper operations. This, in turn, ensures you will spot a red flag or issue before it leads to costly refrigeration repairs or replacements. Watch for temperature changes, strange noises, corrosion, leaks, or loose wiring.
  • Third, perform regular cleanings to protect parts. United’s commercial refrigeration technicians will be happy to offer you or your staff specific cleaning suggestions. This may include weekly and monthly cleaning schedules depending on specific types of commercial refrigeration systems and usage. Changing filters, sanitizing shelves or bins, cleaning interior and exterior parts, and vacuuming coils may be recommended for efficiency.

United’s technicians are here to offer friendly customer service, clear communications, and prompt responses for businesses around Ocala, the Villages, and across North Central Florida.

Call United Refrigeration, Heating and Air today at 352-629-1187 for your commercial refrigeration repairs, preventative maintenance, installations, and upgrades.

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