3 Refrigeration Tips to Prevent Leaks and Losses

Many businesses fail to prevent leaks in refrigeration systems. Ignoring air gaps and water leakages can lead to financial costs and losses. That is why our experts at United Refrigeration, Heating and Air offer these tips to reduce risks before you lose money.

Our weather is warm and humid in North Central Florida. Some days, it feels sweltering hot. United’s experts emphasize how important it is to seal gaps for cooling efficiency. Keeping the cold air in — and the tropical air out — are essentials for proper refrigeration in Florida.

As part of daily efficiency checks, keep an eye on temperatures and inspect seals to ensure there are no gaps, cracks, or cool air seepage. Examine the condition of auto-closers and doors. Lost air could lead to inventory losses and downtime at your place of business. Staying on top of daily checks help you initiate prompt repairs and reduce losses.

Also, motion sensors for case-lighting systems, night curtains for open cases, machine alarms for low temperature, and other features could help you reduce risks, leaks, and losses.

For efficiency, you will also want to monitor operations and clean systems as needed. You, of course, know the importance of sanitizing interior bins and parts, but exterior cleanings will also help prevent costly losses. Corrosion on parts, frost build-up, clogged filters, blockages in drain lines, water leaks, and other fluid leakages could lead to major operational malfunctions.

On a regular basis, inspect and clean the areas surrounding your systems. Be sure to clean and clear areas around heat-exchange coils. Cleared spaces promote better air flow. It may seem insignificant, but vacuuming dust could help prevent problems.

Daily cleanings also help you spot potential issues. Although in terms of full-service preventative maintenance to prevent leaks and losses – call the pros at United.

Expertly, United’s refrigeration technicians will identify potential problems before they strike. The inspection process helps lower the chances of systems overrunning and breaking down.

United offers prompt services and inspections for cafes, restaurants, kitchen facilities, stores, and other businesses across Ocala, The Villages, and surrounding areas.

During professional inspections and cleanings, United’s experts check all parts, hardware, gaskets, condenser coils, and operational components. Maintenance tasks can be customized according to the age and system guidelines for your systems. Ask how we help ensure peak performance for refrigerators, coolers, freezers, ice machines, slushie, and soft-serve machines.

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