3 Tips for Better Air Quality Indoors

There are many new and old ways to create better air quality indoors. At your business or your home, you might open a window for airflow or perhaps use a smart air purifier for a small space. United’s HVAC experts, however, have even more effective tips for improving air quality.

At United Refrigeration, Heating and Air, we specialize in helping Floridians maintain continual and clean airflow indoors. Proper system operations are essential for the health and comfort of our customers across North Central Florida. In recognition of Clean Air Month, we are offering three terrific tips for better air quality indoors.


Top of the list, United’s experts stress the importance of clean air filters. Clean filters can boost system efficiency, extend the life of your system, and help filter allergens.

In Florida this summer, replace those AC filters every month or perhaps more often if needed. Plus, for better quality in filtering particles, choose air filters with a higher MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). You may also upgrade to HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters or consider polyester and pleated filters for greater surface area. Ask United’s experts about the best recommendations for your HVAC systems and settings.


Next, as opposed to a small air purifier to refresh air in a single room, consider an air purification system for your entire indoors.

For example, Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) provides air quality solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. This cold-plasma technology filters airborne particles, breaks down gases, and kills certain types of mold, bacteria, and viruses. United’s experts often recommend this system for customers wanting a low-maintenance solution with high-quality results for air purification. Ask us about your options for coverage and clean air delivery rates.


As always, preventative maintenance services to ensure clean operations is essential for air quality. This includes checking and cleaning system components. For example, United can check ductwork to ensure there are not any issues, gaps, or debris hindering operations. In addition to professional cleanings, United’s experts may recommend REME HALO® Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifiers to further reduce pollutants, particulates, gases, and microbials.

As a reminder, North Central Florida’s humid weather is fast approaching with scorching temperatures. An efficient HVAC system is important for keeping indoor humidity low and air quality at optimal levels. Your AC systems across Ocala and The Villages may require special settings or repairs to thrive and survive the summer months. Schedule your tune-up today.

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