5 Refrigeration Fixes for Holiday Efficiency

During the holiday season, efficiency is a must. Refrigeration fixes and preventative maintenance programs can help businesses across Sumter and Marion Counties conserve time and resources.

If you have freezers, coolers, ice machines, or refrigerators at your business – check out these five ways to prevent refrigeration malfunctions from ruining your holiday. United Refrigeration, Heating and Air is also prepared to provide fast repairs for restaurants, stores, and kitchen suppliers needing to protect perishable inventory, food, and beverages.

Refrigeration Maintenance and Repairs in North Central Florida
Whether you run a café in Ocala, or perhaps you own a store in The Villages, United’s experts can serve your needs for refrigeration maintenance and repairs across North Central Florida. Here are commercial refrigeration fixes and solutions to keep you serving your customers throughout the holidays and into the New Year.

  • First, keep exterior of systems clean for efficiency. Boost efficiency by cleaning, vacuuming, and removing dust from systems and coils. This improves heat transfer. Check your system manual for cleaning guidelines or ask United’s experts for assistance. Cleaning could be as simple as a phone call to United for a scheduled maintenance service.
  • Second, make sure the interiors of all systems are sanitized. In addition to removing dust or corrosion to protect parts, be sure to scrub bins and sanitize interior parts for peak performance. This includes removing frost or ice build-up that is hindering operations. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing evaporators and performing other tasks.
  • Third, frequently check the seal and temperatures. Make sure someone at your business is completing temperature inspections and monitoring operations. Appropriate and efficient temperature control is only possible if there is a tight seal around all compartments, doors, closers, and gaskets. Low temps, gaps, and air leaks could ruin a holiday by spoiling and destroying inventory. It may seem minor, but these refrigeration fixes are important.
  • Fourth, add energy-efficient upgrades to handle the holidays. Modern features like night-curtains, motion sensors for case-lighting, and alarms could offer energy-efficient safeguards for the holiday season. United’s specialists can offer customized guidance and unique solutions based on the needs of your unique business in North Central Florida.
  • Finally, replace worn-down parts for guaranteed holiday efficiency. Fully functioning commercial refrigeration systems require all working components for proper operations. Common refrigeration fixes or replacement parts include gaskets, hardware, exhaust fans, and air fans. United is prepared to provide emergency repairs for many types of makes and models of refrigerators, coolers, freezers, and ice machines.

Happy Holidays! Call United Refrigeration, Heating and Air today at 352-629-1187 to speak with one of our experienced professionals about installations, system efficiency, or repair services.

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