A New Year for Heating and Air Systems

Florida’s mild winters often allow your HVAC systems to take a well-deserved break, but you never want your heating or air conditioning to breakdown when you need it. The New Year is an excellent time for a heating and air system check-up. A professional inspection will allow you to set a plan and an affordable budget for system maintenance or a system upgrade in 2020. 

Changes to AC Systems and Refrigerant Regulations
Air conditioner costs this year will vary depending on the brand, model, efficiency rating, and unit size.  Notably, this New Year brings a nationwide ban on the importation and production of R-22, a type of refrigerant used in hundreds of thousands of air conditioning units made prior to 2011.  Experts state that R-22 causes harm to the environment and triggers greenhouse gas emissions.

Considering that a well-maintained system can last 10 to 15 years or more, we can estimate that many folks across Ocala, the Villages, and North Central Florida still have highly functioning units with R-22 refrigerant.  Due to the ban, it will be important for homeowners and business owners to weigh their options when repairing or replacing refrigerant in those older units. 

Comparing HVAC Costs for Repairing or Replacing
At United Refrigeration, Heating and Air, our experts are prepared to discuss your options on whether it is more cost-effective for you to make necessary repairs to older units OR to replace your HVAC systems with new, more efficient models.

In addition to environmental concerns of older models, a poorly functioning system could be overrunning and wasting energy, which increases electricity costs.  Older systems also tend to require more maintenance and repairs, and those costs could put a dent in your annual budget.

Enjoying the Benefits of a New AC Upgrade
In addition to efficiency and financial benefits, an AC replacement could do wonders in improving the airflow quality in your home or business.  Say goodbye to stale, humid, or inconsistent hot or cold temperatures, and say hello to fresh, comfortable airflow.  

As always, you will still need to stick to a strict regimen of changing the air filters and adhere to a preventative maintenance plan after installation of a new unit, but otherwise you can breathe easier with a new system and a new warranty covering costs for unexpected repairs or parts.  

The team at United Refrigeration, Heating and Air invite you to schedule a professional inspection to evaluate the current condition of your HVAC systems. Residential and commercial customers throughout Ocala and The Villages have trusted us for over 30 years to provide inspections along with preventative maintenance to identify problems before they start.   

Call United Refrigeration, Heating and Air today at 352-629-1187 to speak with one of our experienced professionals about your options for maintaining, repairing, replacing, or upgrading your HVAC system. 

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