Celebrate Skilled HVAC Repair Techs

Florida has endured our hottest summer on record. Let us join the nation in celebrating skilled HVAC repair techs for keeping things cool.

At United Heating, Air and Refrigeration, our technicians are among a larger group of many different skilled workers and tradespersons recognized annually on the third Friday of September for National Tradesmen Day.

United’s techs are proud to specialize in a type of work having a direct and positive impact on our North Central Florida communities. In addition to system maintenance, United’s HVAC repair techs are experts in new installations for Florida homes and businesses.

Yes, many tradespeople are pros at making a job look easy, but there is a great deal of training and hard work going into each service call.  Here are a few reasons to celebrate their skills.

Florida HVAC Certification, Training, and Education

In Florida, HVAC certification and training is serious business. Requirements can include completion of educational programs ranging from six months at trade schools to several years for accreditations or diplomas.

There are also higher-level HVAC/R certifications, which include refrigeration training. HVAC repair techs with additional certification in refrigeration have hands-on experience and knowhow to complete an array of repairs and services with precision and expertise.

Full-Service Maintenance, Repairs, and New Installations

From the dynamic use of power tools to tedious mechanical adjustments, new parts, and piping – there is no shortage of solutions provided by our repair techs.  At United, our skilled team completes jobs from beginning to end, inside and outside for full-service maintenance.

In addition to problem-solving and intricate repairs, United’s skilled technicians are your experts for new installations and system upgrades.

Cost-Effective and Fast Responses for North Central Florida

As any tradesperson knows, customer service also requires skill.  United’s team strives to provide clear communication, cost-effective services, and fast responses for customers across North Central Florida.

Residential homeowners and commercial businessowners appreciate our attention to service and efficient solutions across Ocala, the Villages, and surrounding areas. United’s technicians remain on-call to complete your HVAC services, system evaluations, maintenance, emergency repairs, and new installations.

Our skilled team is your residential and commercial services experts. Contact United Refrigeration, Heating and Air’s team at 352-629-1187 to set your next appointment.

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