How a Mini-Split AC Offers Multi-Solutions


If you want to make a specific space cooler, check out the mini-split AC for cost-saving solutions. Ductless air conditioners make it easy to cool desired areas without adding new ducts and without wasting energy.

During summer, places heat up across North Central Florida. Homeowners may feel their bedroom is getting too humid at night or their sunroom is becoming unbearable. Also, commercial business owners may worry about inventory overheating in their storage spaces.

At United Refrigeration, Heating and Air, we understand our residential and commercial customers need multiple solutions and options. That is why United’s services also include the benefits of mini-split AC systems, in addition to HVAC installations and maintenance plans.

Why Choose Ductless Mini Splits Installed by AC Professionals

United’s AC professionals offer everything from high-quality equipment and set up for maximizing air flow to adding smart settings for controlling your ductless mini splits.

Importantly, United specializes in installations for many different air conditioning systems. Our techs follow proper protocols for different types of spaces across Sumter and Marion counties. There are multiple classifications and Florida building codes for mini-split AC systems in certain areas for indoor and outdoor units.

Also, United evaluates factors like air leakage, electrical, and insulation to ensure expert solutions for adhering to current codes and regulations.

Air Conditioning for Comfort and Climate Control

Who wouldn’t want air conditioning with year-round comfort and climate control? A mini-split AC offers versatile benefits and a multi-solution approach for businesses and homeowners to:

Add air conditioning or heating without installing new ductwork.
Optimize energy efficiency with smart features and variable-speed compressors.
Improve comfort in a space without wasting money by overworking an HVAC system.
Cool temps and control humidity in storage areas holding important items or inventory.
Expand usable spaces by adding climate control to garages or workshops.
Ensure cooling stability for better sleep in a bedroom or for working in a home office.
Enjoy summer days in sunrooms or “Florida rooms” as we call them around Ocala.

For over 40 years, United’s HVAC professionals have provided services at Florida homes and businesses. We are your trusted experts in installations, emergency repairs, and preventative maintenance programs. Ask us about customizing solutions for all your air conditioning needs.

Call United Refrigeration, Heating and Air’s team at 352-629-1187 to schedule your mini-split installation, HVAC system services, repairs, or maintenance.

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