Spring to Action with an AC Tune-Up

Pollen dust and rising temperatures are nature’s friendly reminders to schedule an AC tune-up at your home or business. Spring brings opportunities to optimize systems before the scorching summer heat and storms strike.
With 40 years of top-notch service across north central Florida, our team at United Refrigeration, Heating and Air is springing to action to keep your systems up and running. Here is a summary of tasks and facts for maintenance and tune-ups.

HVAC System Maintenance for Spring

Meticulously, United’s technicians perform a 22-point preventative maintenance checklist, but here are some general protocols for spring tune-ups and HVAC system maintenance:

  • Remember, timing is everything. AC technicians recommend at least two checkups a year. Smart homeowners and businesses schedule an AC tune-up before the summer heat.
  • One of the most important tasks during tune-ups is checking the operating pressure for proper refrigerant. This is at the top of the list for Florida HVAC systems.
  • At United, our professionals also emphasize the importance of checking thermostat calibration, safety controls, electrical connections, fan components, air flow, and settings.
  • For consistency and performance, professional cleanings are a key to success. United’s services often include cleaning outside coils, indoor coils, and everything in between.
  • During spring, maintenance professionals must check and clear drain lines. Blockages will cause systems to back up, pans to fill up, and operations to stop. Businessowners and homeowners will want to prevent those risks before the summer months.
  • Importantly, you should replace AC air filters monthly. During maintenance, United’s professionals may recommend more frequent changes or suggest air filter upgrades.
  • In addition to tuning up systems, ask United’s pros to add a programmable thermostat or a new smart thermostat to maintain the perfect settings for spring and summer months.

United is ready to inspect and optimize HVAC systems around Ocala, The Villages, and surrounding areas. Ask about additional benefits through Preventative Maintenace Programs.
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