Start Saving Money with these HVAC Tips

Who isn’t thinking about saving money this time of year? United’s HVAC technicians understand many North Central Florida homeowners and business owners are looking to lower expenses.

Sure, you are probably doing your best to adjust indoor temperature settings for energy efficiency. United’s technicians also want you to know about other money-saving opportunities. Here are tips for controlling costs and optimizing HVAC systems from your go-to experts at United Refrigeration, Heating and Air.

How Preventative Maintenance Pays with ROI

In terms of saving money and getting a return on investments, the best ROI comes from preventative maintenance. Basically, a small maintenance-fee upfront could save you big money in the long run. Why? Prevention extends longevity and averts costly repairs.

For example, Preventative Maintenance Agreements (PMA) are designed around scheduled maintenance programs. These include quality inspections and multi-point check-ups. This ensures HVAC systems are operating at peak performance.

A minor repair or cleaning could help prevent a total system failure. Also, it helps prevent situations of finding yourself without air conditioning or heating in the middle of a winter.

In addition to changing air filters and completing a long list of operational checks, United’s multi-point inspection includes value-added services like cleaning coils, adjusting components, tightening connections, clearing drain lines, and other tasks. Ask United’s experts for contract options and a full checklist of preventative maintenance services to start saving money.

Fast Repairs for HVAC Systems and Energy Efficiency

Generally, performance will vary depending on the age and the official efficiency rating of an HVAC system.  Although take note, cost-savvy homeowners and business owners are improving energy efficiency and making fast HVAC repairs to mitigate risks.

To reiterate, preventative maintenance programs are the first line of defense to preventing inefficiencies.  If you do not have a PMA, however, United’s technicians are on-call to provide the most cost-effective services when an emergency strikes. Fast repairs are critical for addressing damage, leaks, corrosion, or operational issues. These repairs will prevent more expensive issues or subsequential breakdowns within other parts of HVAC systems.

Energy efficiency requires fully working components in all parts of your HVAC systems. Even a minor glitch can cause your air conditioner or heater to run harder than it needs to operate. Beyond the wear-and-tear, additional run time will cost you more in terms of energy expenses. Prevention and fast repairs are the top two solutions for saving money.

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