Time to Clean Out Your Refrigerators

Americans, did you know that November is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Month? Cleaning out a refrigerator is a great way to create space before packing in extra foods and beverages for the holidays. More importantly, regular cleanings are critical tasks to ensure food safety and operational efficiency at your homes and businesses.  

Commercial Refrigeration: Cleanings and Maintenance

United Refrigeration, Heating and Air helps businesses, stores, restaurants, and kitchen facilities with cleanings and maintenance for your commercial refrigeration systems. We strive to support the efficiency and longevity of refrigerators, coolers, freezers, ice machines, soft serve machines, slush machines, and other commercial refrigeration systems.

Importantly, we invite businesses around Ocala, The Villages, and North Central Florida to ask us about preventative maintenance plans to ensure deep cleanings are completed at the correct intervals. This could include refrigerant level checks, fan and compressor inspections, gasket checks, hinge securing, drain clearings, and repairs.

Here is a to-do list and general advice for cleaning refrigeration systems:

  1. To be proactive and thorough, create a cleaning policy for your in-house team to perform daily checks of refrigeration systems. The checklist may include temperature, overall cleanliness (such as bin or ice-scoop cleanings), food cycling, and operational efficiency.
  2. To be consistent in cleanings, determine weekly and monthly schedules for different types of cleanings depending on usage and according to the operational manuals.
  3. To prepare for a deep clean, shut down power or unplug the system and empty the shelves. When clearing out the refrigerator, be sure to throw away any expired food or products with mold. Notably, a deep clean is best done when inventory is low, which is why it is suggested to be done before big holidays or before the arrival of new inventory.
  4. To complete an interior disinfection, you will want to clean every inch and prevent food contamination. This could include sanitizing shelves, bins, and all parts. You may wipe down certain areas with warm soapy water, but some parts may need a stringent scrubbing or disinfectants to remove odors, eliminate bacteria, and prevent build-up.
  5. To boost efficiency, cleaning protocols also include the exterior. This may include vacuuming coils as well as underneath, behind, on top of, and around the refrigeration system. Be sure to enlist the help of United’s professionals for comprehensive cleaning and clearing of drain lines, fans, water hoses, and other vital components.

United Refrigeration, Heating and Air offers full maintenance plans for brands and models like True, Beverage Air, Blue Air, Master-Bilt, and Traulsen. We are also a service and warranty contractor for commercial ice machines, such as Scotsman, Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, and more.

United Refrigeration, Heating and Air’s team has provided speedy services for over 30 years. Call 352-629-1187 for new installations, system maintenance, cleanings, and repairs.

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