Top 2 Reasons to Care About Indoor Air

North Central Florida HVAC repair specialists are putting a spotlight on National Care About Your Indoor Air Month. Here are the top reasons why air quality matters, according to the technicians at United Refrigeration, Heating and Air.

1. Invisible particles and dangers loom in the air.

Many people do not realize how many indoor air dangers could be floating around Florida homes and businesses. Everything from minor allergens to toxic fumes could affect your health.

Specifically, chemicals in cleaners, pesticides, and cigarette smoke have been linked to asthma, respiratory illnesses, and cancers. Of course, proper ventilation or opening windows is critical during usage of harsh chemicals or when smoke is in the air, but circulation is also important.

As for circulating air, a clean air filter provides a layer of filtration. Depending on the HVAC system at your home or business, United’s experts may recommend choosing filters with a higher MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) or suggest upgrades for HEPA filters. HVAC filters should be replaced monthly or according to the system guidelines for your model.

Next, add an air purification system to accelerate removal of particles, pollutants, gases, microbials, and airborne bacteria.  Ask United’s air purifying experts about coverage and delivery rates for best-in-class purifying systems. Some of the top options include Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) and REME HALO® Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifiers. Simply ask United’s team about your best options for cleaner indoor air.

2. Essentially, clean air is needed for operating HVAC systems.

As you know, a clean air filter is important for filtering the air you breath, but air filters are also essential for operating HVAC systems. A consistent flow of clear air ensures your HVAC components all operate and function at optimal levels; otherwise, there could be compounding issues of slowdowns or breakdowns.

At United, our team cares about helping North Central Florida customers extend the life of their HVAC systems.  In addition to air filters, many other components are important to support the efficiency of your systems.

For example, obstructed vents, dirty ducts, or corrosion in other parts of your HVAC systems could also hinder indoor air flow.  A system check-up and a preventative maintenance plan are two of the best ways to keep systems operating at peak performance levels.

United’s team hopes these are reasons enough to schedule your next inspection to ensure year-round comfort with consistent heating and air conditioning.  Contact United for HVAC maintenance, inspections, fast repairs, and new installations.

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