What’s Lurking in Your Commercial Ice Machines?

Ice Machine Maintenance

North Central Florida businessowners and managers may not need to fear ghosts and goblins this Halloween, but you should be afraid of any frightening things lurking in the commercial ice machines at your restaurants, kitchen facilities, and stores.

There is nothing to fear, however, when you have the team at United Refrigeration, Heating and Air on your side.  Our experts have the tips and solutions to sanitize, repair, and protect your ice machines, soft serve machines, slush machines, and other commercial refrigeration systems.

5 Steps to Eliminate Slime, Build-Up, and Machine Malfunctions

Icky, slippery slime and damaging mineral build-up are scary stuff. In addition to dreadful health risks, these issues could cause machine malfunctions like longer harvest times, reduced capacity, and diminished ice production.   

Conveniently, United Refrigeration can help protect systems at businesses around Ocala, the Villages, Lady Lake, and surrounding areas. We are a recommended service and warranty contractor for most major brands of commercial ice machines including, Scotsman, Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, and others.  Here are five steps to boost cleanliness and efficiency:

  1. Protect Your Machine: The best thing you can do is to start a regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance Plan. This includes both professional maintenance services and your daily in-house care according to the machine’s guidelines for efficiency and safety.
  2. Scare Away Slime: In addition to the dreaded possibility of putting your customers health at risk, unsanitary environments will lead to health code violations. Cleaning bins, sanitizing parts, and regularly inspecting systems can help prevent slimy bacteria or mold from developing and creating potentially unsanitary conditions.
  3. Eliminate Build-Up: A regular cleaning and maintenance schedule can also help you prevent build-up of scale or calcium and magnesium.  Build-up of certain minerals can damage your machine, decrease efficiency, and change the taste of water.
  4. Change Water Filters: Generally, manufacturers recommend replacing ice-machine filters every 6 months or more depending on use.  Ensure your business always has extra filters on-site for filter changes to keep water clean and fresh for ice production.
  5. Replace Faulty Parts: Replace parts as needed to maintain proper efficiency and system performance. In addition to water filters, essential operational parts may include casters, water hoses, sump pump, evaporator, water distributor parts, reservoir, and ice scoops.

In addition to avoiding expensive repairs caused by damage and build-up, you will find that meticulous maintenance will also help your business avoid losses from unnecessary downtime. United’s team is prepared to assess situations, diagnose issues, and determine the most cost-effective way to help you maintain your ice machines and commercial systems. Call United Refrigeration, Heating and Air today at 352-629-1187 to speak with one of our experienced professionals about maintenance plans, new installations, or repair services

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