3 HVAC Solutions for the Holiday Season

The outdoor air may not feel frigid in Florida, but holiday spirit is filling our indoor air. Whether you live or work near downtown Ocala or in the heart of The Villages, you as well as your HVAC systems are sensing the signs of the season, including holiday décor with twinkling lights, ovens heating up for cookies and casseroles, and a revolving door of holiday visitors. 

What many Floridians do not realize is that heat expelled from lighting, high-temperature cooking, and open entryways can affect how HVAC systems cool our Florida homes and businesses.  That is why the team at United Refrigeration, Heating, and Air has compiled a few solutions to optimize your HVAC systems during events of high-energy demands.

Seasonal Suggestions for AC Efficiency in Florida

  1. CELEBRATION EFFICIENCY: As holiday guests come and go, dollars could be escaping out the door along with the cool air.  As opposed to cranking up the AC, United’s experts suggest running ceiling fans in a counter-clockwise direction for downward airflow to keep guests comfortable and rooms cool. Otherwise, you could find yourself with a hefty utility bill next month.  Also, think about ventilation for heat and moisture. For example, be sure to expel humidity and steam from cooking by running your kitchen exhaust fan. As for reducing heat from décor and lighting, choose efficient LED lights as opposed to heat-emitting incandescent lights.
  • BUDGET CONTROL: Older heating and air systems can run ragged due to extra work in maintaining comfortable temperatures. Delaying a simple repair can make matters worse.  Costs will only increase as strain or damage cause additional parts to fail. United’s technicians always provide an upfront time and cost estimate before ordering replacement parts and completing necessary repairs.  United’s experts can also provide guidance as to when a new system or energy-efficient upgrade is more cost effective than repairing an older unit (10 to 15+ years) reaching the end of its lifespan.
  • PRE-HOLIDAY PLANNING: As always, preventative maintenance is important for identifying problems before a system failure.  Schedule an HVAC check-up prior to your Thanksgiving events or holiday parties to ensure your system is up for the challenge.  As a full-service residential AC repair and commercial HVAC service company, we understand the holidays are a hectic season for you, which is why we are fully equipped to provide emergency service as well as preventative maintenance to protect you now and throughout every season.

United Refrigeration, Heating and Air’s team has helped keep systems up and running for over 30 years. United’s technicians are prepared to offer you solutions for preventative maintenance, upgrading systems, or servicing your current equipment.We wish for you to enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving and a fantastic Holiday Season! Call United Refrigeration, Heating and Air today at 352-629-1187 to speak with one of our experienced professionals about your options for maintaining, repairing, or upgrading your HVAC system.

6 Storm-Ready Tips for HVAC Protection

Around Central Florida, HVAC protection is an essential part of hurricane preparations and safety plans.  As homeowners and businesses in places like Ocala and the Villages endure the peak of the 2019 rainy season, the team at United Refrigeration, Heating and Air is checking and double-checking to ensure our valued customers are ready to weather the storm. 

Steps to Protect Residential and Commercial HVAC Systems

  1. Evaluate Systems: United’s HVAC experts can help you evaluate the stability of your unit prior to a storm.  Having a professional technician complete a comprehensive check of your entire system could help you avoid a major issue before it strikes.
  2. Cover and Secure: Protecting your unit is critical during hurricane season.  Wind, rain, and flying debris can all cause significant damage to your outdoor unit.  Ask United’s technicians about the best straps, hooks, bolts, and covers to keep your system safe.
  3. Combat Corrosion: In addition to storm flooding, a leaking pipe or drainage issue can harm interior or exterior units.  A professional cleaning or replacement part may be necessary to ensure the proper operation of your system’s airflow. 
  4. Raise Platforms: If necessary, outdoor units may need to be raised on a platform in order to protect a high-risk unit from potential flooding in certain areas of your property.  Even a tiny amount of water could cause drastic damage to your system.
  5. Shut it Down: Consider turning off power to your AC unit during strong storms. This could prevent costly dangers from lightning strikes or power surges.  If you have a power outage, head to your electrical box to shut down the AC power manually.  Then wait until power is restored before switching your AC power back to the “on” position.
  6. React Quickly: After a storm, it is important to verify the condition of your system and to check if there was damage.  Our team is available to provide emergency services and help you deal with a storm’s aftereffects.  United’s technicians will do a complete system evaluation to find and fix any damage immediately following a storm.

As conditions heat up in the tropics, the time is now to schedule a maintenance check to proactively identify and prevent issues with your heating and air conditioning. 

Contact our full-service Residential AC Repair and Commercial HVAC Services Company today. United Refrigeration, Heating and Air’s team has helped keep systems running efficiently for over 30 years. Call 352-629-1187 to set your next appointment.

Indoor Air Quality and Purification

In most cases the air inside your home is more polluted than the air outside due to the many things we use in our daily lives. Gas stoves, stringent house cleaners, trapped pollen and particulate matter and many other types of irritants reside in your home. If you have pets then you have dust mites too. None of this is meant to alarm you but there are steps you could and should take to improve your home life and even health.

At United Refrigeration we trust GPS (Global Plasma Solutions) for your home air purification. They are the pioneers in needlepoint bi-polar ionization cold plasma technology. What does all that really mean? Here are some basic explanations of the many benefits of needlepoint cold plasma solutions.

Odor Control – needlepoint ionization actually breaks down gases with electron-volt below 12. This means that that it converts compounds like oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor and carbon dioxide to a harmless level. From their website here is an explanation; “A simple example would be formaldehyde, which is produced by building furnishings and thought to be carcinogenic; formaldehyde breaks down to carbon dioxide and water vapor, thus eliminating the health hazard. Another example is ammonia, which is produced by occupants (typical body odor smell), and ammonia breaks down to oxygen, nitrogen and water vapor. As you can see, what chemical you start with determines how it reacts with the ionization field and how it breaks down.”

Airborne Particles – Positive and negative ions attach to particles, grow larger and increase filtration effectiveness.
Kills Virus, Bacteria and Mold – ions are also attracted to pathogens. These ions starve the pathogens of hydrogen. Thus, rendering the airborne virus inactive.

Controls Allergens – The positive and negative ions flow through your system into your home. As they deactivate airborne contaminants it impacts your breathable air. It is not uncommon to see a reduction in symptoms and use of needed medicines.

No Replacement Parts – One of the biggest benefits is that GPS’s needlepoint technology does not require maintenance. No replacing parts, light bulbs, tubes or the like. Your first investment in this technology is your only investment.

If you are interested in how United Refrigeration can help you keep your home at the perfect temperature while also managing the ultimate air purification process for you and your family then contact us today! When it comes to your heating and air conditioning needs we are all about your needs. We focus on quality, are trusted by our customers and have the experience to provide the stability you require for all of your heating and ac needs.