8 Great Reasons to Appreciate Air Conditioning

In celebration of Air Conditioning Appreciation Days, recognized annually July 3 to Aug. 15, Florida’s AC experts are listing eight great reasons to appreciate air conditioning.

United Refrigeration, Heating and Air often tout the benefits of preventative cleanings and A/C maintenance, but this month is all about showing appreciation for cool air. 

Celebrating the Benefits of AC Systems
In North Central Florida, we endure relentless heat and humidity during the scorching summer months. Honestly, it is hard to imagine life without air conditioning.  Floridians have these eight reasons to appreciate and celebrate their AC systems this summer.

  1. American Made: As we celebrate America’s birthday this July, let us also celebrate the fact that air conditioning was invented in 1902 by an American named Willis Haviland Carrier.
  2. Cooling Comfort: Without a doubt, high-functioning AC systems are the key to keeping residential homes and commercial businesses comfortable for living, working, and playing.
  3. Health and Safety: AC provides a safe refuge in hot climates.  Healthy populations can be attributed to this life-saving invention protecting us from heat-related illnesses.
  4. Productivity: Prior to the modernization of air conditioning, many workplaces had to shut down during the summer months because high temperatures could be fatal.
  5. Industrial Growth: Electrical AC systems have evolved to promote expansion for an array of industries around the world, allowing for year-round production and global profits.
  6. Lower Humidity: AC systems can help control proper humidity levels in a home or business, which is critical for reducing risks for indoor mold growth and corrosion.
  7. Cleaner Air: In addition to controlling humidity, a clean-running AC system can help reduce pollutants like dust, debris, dander, and other allergens in indoor air.
  8. Better Sleep: Imagine a summer night in The Villages or Ocala without air conditioning?  Fortunately, our experts are on standby to ensure you don’t have to find out what that’s like.

Show Your AC Appreciation with a Preventative Check-Up
A properly functioning AC system will ensure you continue reaping all the benefits of the best invention from the twentieth century. As a full-service residential AC repair and commercial HVAC service company, United’s technicians remain on-call to complete your A/C system evaluations, maintenance, repairs, and new installations this summer and throughout the year.  

United Refrigeration, Heating and Air’s team has helped keep systems running efficiently for over 30 years. Call 352-629-1187 to set your next appointment for HVAC system maintenance or repair services.

How to Help Your AC Handle the Holidays

North Central Florida’s weather can fluctuate from humid and hot to dry and bitter cold during the month of December. You might be sunbathing by your pool in The Villages one day, or strolling through downtown Ocala’s streets in a sweater the next day.

Some Floridians greatly enjoy these weather variations, but heating and air systems may be doing extra work to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home this time of year. Adding to the exertion is the increased activity during the holidays. You may have houseguests staying in your guestroom, and they may insist on running your AC ragged for cooler temperatures. Perhaps you will be hosting holiday parties, and the entrance doors are open longer than usual due to the flow of people coming and going to the festivities. In totality, these factors could create an increased usage of your HVAC systems this month.

To ensure the stability you require for all of your heating and cooling needs, the team at United Refrigeration, Heating, and Air recommends the following tips:

Be Proactive with AC Maintenance:

Residential and commercial customers throughout Ocala and The Villages often need efficient solutions as well as unexpected repairs when the busy holiday season rolls around, which is why preventative maintenance is key to identifying problems before they start.  Scheduling a system check-up prior to a guest’s arrival or a big holiday event could protect you from experiencing any problems or damage to your system.

Be Quick with Expert Repairs:

Repair delays may sometimes make matters worse. If a repair is needed, be sure to act quickly and seek help from only qualified experts.  All of United’s technicians are in direct contact with a senior-level service technician at our company. If one of our technicians is on a service call and comes across a unique or unfamiliar issue, he or she can coordinate immediate assistance to solve the problem in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Be Wise with Time and Money:

In addition to being able to quickly identify or fix issues with your heating or air systems, United’s technicians can offer you a time estimate of how long it will take to order, obtain, and replace any particular parts. This gives you a valuable opportunity to prepare financially for any potential system repairs or replacements in the future.

Whatever your needs are for cooling or heating this holiday season, United’s team is prepared to offer solutions for preventative maintenance, upgrading systems, or servicing your current equipment.

Happy Holidays to our fellow Floridians! Call United Refrigeration, Heating and Air today at 352-629-1187 to speak with one of our experienced professionals about your options for maintaining, repairing, replacing, or upgrading your HVAC system.